What is NexonNFT?

NexonNFT is a blockchain-based project that is a hub for the NFT Marketplace and NFT Games. The project is aimed to make it easy for people to conduct global financial transactions. For easing the transactions the project also has NexonPay, Nexon Bridge, and NexonNFT tokens. It will provide Defi/NFT lending and staking services. The project has various unique features that will amaze you and we are listing some of them here. https://www.nexonnft.io/

While creating a futuristic all-in-one platform the NexonNFT is aimed to solve some of the major issues both buyers and sellers are facing, a few of them are listed below:

  • Poor UI/UX
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Multiple token standards
  • Limited Payment methods
  • Multiple NFT platforms
  • Non-transparent fee structure
  • Lack of verification of authority
  • Inferior search algorithms
  • Limited data
  • Confusing structure
  • Complicated buying and selling operations

NexonNFT platform is solving all the above problems, the project will have a platform that will be easy to understand and easy to use. It will have proper guidance for all the marketplaces’ activities for buyers and sellers. With a dedicated team, the project will also provide the best possible customer support and it will also help in verification of authority.

Some of the unique features of NexonNFT is described below.

NexonNFT Marketplaces

NexonNFT is the combination of a revolutionizing idea, various latest technologies, and a robust business plan. It is a blockchain-based futuristic project that will help users with NFT marketplaces. The project has marketplaces for games, artwork, virtual real estate, interior design, recipes, and listing services. Let’s get into the Marketplace features and use cases. https://www.nexonnft.io/marketplace

Other than marketplaces, the project also has Nexon Pay, NexonNFT Token, and Nexon Bridge. Nexon Pay will be the base of all the transactions in this ecosystem, more about it is engraved below.

Nexon Pay

Nexon Pay is an online payment platform that users will use to make and receive payments, exchange tokens, and in short, complete any type of transaction in the NexonNFT ecosystem. Users will be able to purchase NFTs from the Nexon Pay app by paying with either Nexon Coin or any other available payment methods.

Nexon Games

NFT Gaming industry has just started to rise up from the surface and we are here with some really exciting games that will not only allow players to earn while playing games but can further utilize the multi-game purchase features.

Nexon Games are a very important part of our project and it allows users to easily earn with the dApps and metaverse games. Users can play, win and earn with these games. The list of games currently includes Rummy dApp game and Empires Battle.

While Rummy is one of the most popular games in the world, at Nexon you can play it online from anywhere and with any device easily and then you can seize all the opportunities available in the game to earn more.

Similarly, Empire Battle is a metaverse game in which the BSC and Avalanche blockchain network act as a non-fungible token in the game. Without the permission of the user, no one can transfer information to other people. In this game where players can buy weapons, land, and trade, Virtual Kings. Empire battles are based on NFT tokens and Kings, Weapons, Lands can be traded on the Marketplace.

The platform will soon feature several other games that will help gamers and developers to make huge money. Our smart contract protects game transactions and access. With our technology, it will be very difficult to hack a player’s account. We are also working on some really.

Nexon Token

Nexon token is a deflationary token, it is a multifunctional token that will be used all over the NexonNFT ecosystem. From transaction to payment it will be used everywhere. Users can trade, stake, or hold the token to make a profit on their investment. The total supply of tokens is limited to 5 billion thus with time and use the value will rise. More about the token can be found in the whitepaper so take a look at it.

Nexon Bridge

Nexon Bridge is a blockchain bridge in our project. It will allow users to swap Nexon between BSC and Avalanche And swap the Nexon between the BSC and the polygon. Nexon Bridge will simplify swapping and effectively increase the trust and usability of Nexon tokens.

Nexon Bridge works as a bridge between these different blockchain technologies and coins. It makes swap between these coins a lot easier. Users who are using this service will experience the same standard and hassle-free process of security across the platform.

With NexonNFT, we strive to create the richest and most diverse ecosystem for NFT traders through a revolutionary multi and cross-chain platform, with excellent user experience and cutting-edge features like never before seen. The project has various benefits like reliability, scalability, transparency, and clarity, a multi-functional wallet, and endless opportunities to save and earn.

NexonNFT is a first-of-its-kind platform, revolutionizing the world of NFTs. A multi- and cross-chain platform, play-to-earn Metaverse games, and an NFT-based Defi platform, all in one network. We hope that after going through all the key features and benefits you would not want to miss this opportunity, thus invest in Nexon tokens now and be a part of a beneficial revolution.




NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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