NexonNFT — Products, and Features You Should Know About

Nexon NFT is here to revolutionize the NFT market and Gaming sector. It is a blockchain-based multi-and cross-chain project that features NFT marketplaces for all types of digital objects, NFT Games, a cryptocurrency, a payment platform, and a bridge that allows users to interchange between chains, and many more cool features.

In this article, we are providing details of all the products and features available in NexonNFT.

Features and Products of NexonNFT

NexonNFT Marketplaces

NexonNFT Marketplace is like an eCommerce platform but it is the advanced version. NFT Marketplaces only allow digital content; it has more payment options specifically crypto payments, It has a different product delivery method.

NexonNFT will provide a marketplace for gaming, virtual real estate, recipes, art/photography, interior design, domains, memes, and listing services.

NexonNFT is solving most of the existing issues buyers and sellers face on current NFT marketplaces. These problems include lack of support, complicated process, bad UI, and lack of data and details.

NexonNFT has a team of dedicated people who will take care of everything from providing support on time and then making the transition easier. We are also paying proper attention to the UI and UX of our platform so it will be easy to understand and use.

Nexon Pay

Nexon Pay is an online payment platform that users will use to make and receive payments, exchange tokens, and do many crypto-related activities. Nexon Pay will be the default payment option for making transactions in the NexonNFT ecosystem.

Users will be able to purchase NFTs from the Nexon Pay app by paying with either Nexon Coin or any other available payment methods. All transactions made on Nexon Pay will be highly secured and instantaneous. The platform will be accessible with a dedicated app as well as with a website.

Nexon Games

Nexon Games are the USP of NexonNFT. We are developing dApps and metaverse games that will allow users to earn while playing these games. Currently, we have two very popular NFT games i.e. Rummy dApp and Empires Battle.

Both games don’t require any introduction as most people know about them. We will soon add the NFT variant of some other popular games. It will not only cover a wider range of age groups but it will also help gamers and developers to generate money.

As we are incorporating the latest technology and transaction mode, all the in-game transactions and access are well-protected.

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Nexon Token

The Nexon token is a deflationary token, thus the value of the token will certainly increase over time. If you didn’t know about a deflation token, let us tell you about it. Deflationary tokens are tokens created to decrease supply over time. These tokens prevent the market from being flooded with tokens while improving the value of the token.

Thus, the value of the Nexon token will rise with time automatically. Additionally, Nexon tokens will be used all over the NexonNFT ecosystem. From gaming to making payments on the NFT marketplace, it will be used everywhere. Users can invest in Nexon tokens in any way whether it is for simple trading, staking, or even HODLing.

Nexon Bridge

It is a blockchain bridge that allows users to swap Nexon between BSC, Avalanche, and polygon. Nexon Bridge is making the swapping process hassle-free and it will effectively increase the trust and usability of Nexon tokens.

Nexon Bridge acts as a bridge between these different blockchain technologies and coins. This makes it very easy to swap between these coins. Users who are using this service will experience the same standard and hassle-free security process across the platform.

Defi/NFT Lending and Staking

NexonNFT will also provide Defi/NFT Lending and NFT Staking services. NexonNFT will become one of the finest NFT lending and borrowing platforms. It will also have a transparent process for building NFT lending software that will be beneficial to all and will also get exposure very quickly.

If we talk about staking then, we will enable its staking feature on or before March 31. To encourage the long-term holding of Nexon Coin until 2022. We have made the staking model simple, efficient, and understandable with flexibility for all types of holders.

Along with all of the above, NexonNFT also has a fully-featured website that will help you navigate through all the products and features. NexonNFT is taking all the goods of the Current NFT market and solving the bads with a dedicated team and clear vision and then introducing something new and beneficial in the NFT market. You can help the project and earn at the same time by investing in NexonNFT. Invest in it now and be a part of this revolution.




NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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