Best NFT Blockchains of 2022, You should know about

In the world of bitcoin technology, cryptocurrencies are considered the most widespread use case and presently it is just an incredible investing chance for the species across the globe. Their abilities of profit-making have dragged millions of retail and institutional investors.

Any individual can trade cryptos on an exchange or can use highly up-to-date financial instruments like crypto opinions trading similarly to the ones found on Bitlevex. Although, there are other varieties of virtual asset that has seen insane growth in 2021.

Top NFT blockchains for 2022


In the world of NFTs, Ethereum is undoubtedly considered the king. Axie Infinity and Crypto Punks are some of the famous virtual assets that have been made as ERC — 721 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Even though it is leading in the market, it has some drawbacks. The network of Ethereum has been saturated and also transaction fees have gone via the roof lately.

Binance Smart Chain

While the Binance Smart Chain ( BSC) should not be merged with Binance Chain which has been utilized for the Binance decentralized exchange. Because it is compatible with the Ethereum digital machine, the BSC has gone through considerable success due to the low fees and fast transactions it offers.

It is crucial to know the fact that BCS has some youth-centered troubles like weak smart contract security. And that becomes the reason for numerous hacks on the platform which led the investors to think of using the chain’s services for their NFT projects.


Polygon ( which is also known as Matic network) is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum, that enables making faster and measurable solutions while using autonomous smart contracts. The best part of it is compatible with Ethereum digital machines and also has very fewer gas fees.


This is an absolute faster blockchain available apparently and so, it is known as an emerging star in the crypto ecosystem. It does over 1000 transactions in a second, where it offers a robust infrastructure for storing and minting NFTs economically and in an eco-friendly way.


It is yet another Layer 1 solution that has steadily crawled up in the top 5 cryptocurrencies on the market since its launch in 2017. Similarly like others, blockchain is on our record. Cardano does not hold the whitepaper. Although, it has peer- appraised via a few of the top experts in the industry of blockchain.

For the past many years, blockchains have checked multiple upgrades in which the most nearby is the execution of smart contract credentials.


In early 2018, it is known as the first functional smart contract proof of — stake blockchains which is offering a secure and scalable network. It obtains transactions in the NFT ecosystem.

NFTs are termed as the crucial niche in the market of cryptocurrency. They offer more exposure to cryptocurrencies for users that never been in touch with the assets. The reason is they are relatively attached to digital art and gaming, and handover to the majority adoption of blockchain technology.

NexonNFT is a blockchain project that is utilizing Binance smart contract with BEP-20 token protocol. We choose it because it is more cost-saving. It is eliminating extra transaction charges Ethereum is living as gas fees.

Check out our whitepaper and all the products and join our revolution today.




NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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NexonNFT is bringing a revolution in the current NFT world by creating robust and full-featured Cross Chain NFT marketplaces and Nexon Games.

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